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Why Winder?

There are just as many successful blockchain investors as people thriving to learn from them. But how can they do so? We think that there’s no better way than learning from who accomplished what you’re looking for.

You certainly found a problem in this: how can you talk to them in the first place? To you they’re just a random address. Well, we know that. We squeezed our brains to find a solution. May we introduce you to Winder, the new and unique way to make connections in the blockchain era.

From now on, you will finally be able to chat with other crypto addresses while maintaining your full privacy. You may learn new strategies and many new things just by looking at a profile. Do you like what you’re seeing? Swipe right and be amazed by the potential of what you’ve just discovered.

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The Vision

You read it right. It’s not just about chatting anymore. You’ll finally get to know the souls, the stories, the techniques and basically anything you want about people that a minute ago were just random addresses.

Winder is for everyone. Either if you’re a whale or a little fish, Winder is the place for You. In our platform you’re able to connect with awesome people, possibly becoming friends, leading to a number of awesome experiences.

Whether it is a new business, joining knowledge and growing together, or just someone to chat with, we are sure you will love the Winder experience.

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Some of Winder’s features


Gain access to thousands of distinctive profiles and explore their statistics, including their balance worth over time, most frequent traded coins, owned NFTs, and more.


Customize your experience by adding a profile picture, your name and any data you'd like to share.

Match System

If you like what you're seeing, simply swipe right! On the other hand, if you're not quite sure, you can always give the next a chance by swiping left.


Winder comes with three levels for users based on how much $WIND they hold.


Profiles are categorized into three tiers based on the certain metrics for their wallet such as wallet age, trading volume, or portfolio value.

And much more!

Check out the whitepaper to learn everything about the app.
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Our Profiles

Based on the tier, users have benefits such as extra swipes per day, the ability of contacting certain tiers, the frequency of their profile being seen by others and the option to keep their wallet anonymous. 

$WIND needed to be classified as fish: 0
Fish profiles can have up to 10 swipes per day and has relatively low visibility.
Fish profiles can mostly contact others fish profiles.
Fish profilse cannot see who likes them and they have 0 superlikes available.
Fish profiles can't keep their address anonymous.
$WIND needed to be classified as dolphin: 100.000
Dolphin profiles can have up to 100 swipes per day and has a medium visibility.
Dolphin profiles can mainly contact Fish profiles and other Dolphin profiles.
Dolphin profiles have 1 superlike per day and can also view profiles of users who likes them.
Dolphin profiles can decide to keep their address anonymous.
$WIND needed to be classified as whale: 1.000.000
Whale profiles can have unlimited swipes per day and has a high visibility.
Whale profiles can contact everyone.
Whale profiles have 3 superlikes per day and can also view profiles of users who likes them.
Whale profiles can decide to keep their address anonymous.
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Token Distribution
& Fund Allocation

Winder has a crystal clear vision over the future. Media buy, sponsors and partnerships, advisors, we got it all covered. Have a quick glance on our tokenomics here or alternatively check out the full version on our whitepaper.

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Our Executive Team

The project boasts a team of seven members, including marketing specialists, blockchain engineers, and top talents from the market. These brilliant minds are actively dedicated to shaping and improving Winder.

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Strategic Advisors